Advantages of the features in Samsung galaxy s9

Although it has been available for almost six months, the Samsung galaxy notice has just seen its first big TV advertising campaign in the up, and it has just been announced that sales have topped the 5 million mark. In this guide, I will look at one of the handset’s features that are not found on a number of other smart phones. The integrated stylus pen and how it can benefit various kinds of users. The stylus pen on the Samsung galaxy notice is optimized specifically for the device, and is even stored inside the phone itself when not in use. This is in a hole located at the end of the phone, where it is simply inserted and then clicks into position, storing it securely. One of the main demographics that may benefit from a stylus pen is business users. Since the Samsung galaxy note has a large 5.3 inch touch screen, it is excellent for numerous business applications. To get the most out of this, business user can install a program from Google play, called to go’.

impressive Samsung galaxy s9

This is a Smartphone optimized version of the Microsoft office package. When using the excel function of the on the big touch screen, user have the ability to make fully functioning spreadsheets, and the stylus pen makes this easy. Providing maximum control when selecting cells and entering information, which can prove tricky when using your fingers. The Samsung galaxy note also has the extra benefit of integrated handwriting recognition, which means that you can take notes at a meeting with the stylus pen. These can subsequently be converted to digital text, which could then be utilized in a word document or email etc. The stylus pen is also used to sign digital files, which can then be emailed to you office or mailed to a wireless printer. As you can see, business users can benefit from the stylus pen quality of this Samsung galaxy note in numerous ways.

Theo’s-pen’ can also be used for creative purposes. A highly popular new game available from Google play is called draw something else. It has had over 40 million downloads in its seven week presence, across Samsung Galaxy S9 Release Date and iOS platforms. It is essentially a Smartphone and tablet edition of the traditional Pictionary format, where you play against another player. You are given a word, which you have to then draw clues for, and your opponent must guess the word in the drawing. The stylus pen means that you have much more control over your drawings, with much finer levels of detail than you can attain from only using your finger on the touch screen.