Anti slip tape to make a disability ramp safer for users

In some cases, you might be faced with the task of earning a disability ramp safer for its users. This can happen a lot in the market because people will assume that using concrete for a ramp will have enough grips for those tires. This isn’t the case. It your ramp is slippery and you would spent all of the cash on the ramp, you might feel despair because you have wasted your money on a ramp that is unusable or hard to use. However, purchasing a new ramp is only one option you have. You have the choice of using anti slip tape on the concrete. It doesn’t need to cover the entire ramp; you may just have patches so it is simple for the tires of a wheelchair for some traction. Anti slip tape is fairly inexpensive and you can purchase it online for even more affordable. There are websites where you have the choice of the size of the tapes and the color. Therefore, you can make it fit in with the building so it is anesthetically pleasing.

anti slip tape

You will need a whole lot of the tape if the ramp is fairly big so ask the website if they do any discounts on bulk orders. Once you have purchased the tape, the concrete will need some preparing. You can’t just slap the tape down and job done. You need to prepare the concrete so the tape will remain in place for quite a long time. You are going to want the job to be durable. First of all, the concrete should be clean and dry before installing the tape. You need to use an industrial cleaner to make sure any soap residue is gone and then you need to wait until the concrete is dry. There is not getting around that, you must take this step otherwise the tape won’t last long.

This next step is the most crucial, you must apply primer. This is to be certain that the surface is smooth and it adds as an excess adhesive for the tape. The primer takes around 5 minutes to dry and then you can add the tape. Now it is time to install anti slip tape. These tapes have an adhesive back that is covered with paper. As soon as you have cut the tapes to the size you want, all you have got to do then is remove the paper, without getting your hand stuck to the back, and then stick the tape in place. You may want to go over it with a roller so that there are no air bubbles and creases in the tape. There you go, your work is done and you didn’t need to spend thousands on a new ramp.