Pay to click sites – How to make money from this?

A pay to click website is basically a website that gives one to see their ads. The more lucrative sites spend 1 penny per ad, while some about the budget spend 1/2 to 1/4 of the penny per ad. Now i might have lost my debate immediately that pay to click sites are worth work and the full time to participate, but i am sure you could encourage otherwise when you stay with me a minute. The typical website it has 10 available ads daily and gives 1 penny per ad. These would be the figures that i will use for the next scenario. Let’s imagine which you were to one pay to click site. You would create $3 monthly or 10 cents daily. Not so impressive, is it. Today say you join 9 more to get a whole of 10 sites. That gives up your monthly revenue to $30 monthly.


Now i am not suggesting that you click away and join 100 sites. Since, though it is totally possible to do this, it may also get boring. Instead, i will let you in about the real cash making key. Many Top PTC sites possess a 50% referral fee. What that means is for each ad your recommendations watch, they get 1 cent and you receive 50% of this, 1/2 a penny. If you consider that first pay to click website which you joined get and earlier just 2 recommendations, you receive 10 cents daily from your own ad viewing, 5 dollars from recommendation 5 dollars from referral number 2, and number 1. That is a whole of $6 monthly or 20 cents daily. Your profits increase by recruiting just 2 recommendations!

Let’s imagine you join click sites and 10 pay and get 10 recommendations for each. Perform a little math and you receive $5.00 daily only to get a whole of $150 monthly, from your own recommendations. That is without actually hitting any advertisements yourself! That provides you a whopping $750 monthly. An incredible $1500 monthly! This one may be just a little difficult to attain. But i think i have created my argument that pays to click sites actually are worth work and the full time. Since i have confirmed you steps to make money from pay to click sites, here is a site record a few of the best pay to click sites available.